About Freebox

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The technology to produce customised cartons how and when you need them

Freebox® is a revolutionary packaging system developed by System Packaging that produces customised cardboard boxes directly in the machine.

Freebox® is the new technology that, with a footprint of just 28 m2, allows you to create boxes on demand sized time-by-time in accordance with the products to be packaged, starting from a flat sheet of corrugated cardboard.

A revolutionary system that produces customised cartons.
The system starts from 1200x1200 mm flat sheets purchased directly from a paper mill producing corrugated board and delivers boxes for packaging of all types of product in real time.

The packs produced by Freebox® are perfectly adapted to the product and can be personalised with graphic printing, printed information and bar codes. The boxes are closed on all sides except at the top. The boxes produced are stronger than standard commercial boxes made using the same type of corrugated cardboard.

Freebox® is environmentally friendly because it reduces consumption of packaging raw materials and reduces shipping volumes.

The ease of use of this system allows instantaneous time-to-market. Entering the dimensional parameters of the product to be packaged, Freebox® instantly transforms the flat sheet of corrugated cardboard into a box that is fully personalised in terms of dimensions and graphics.

At the end of the "Freebox® process" all that remains is to fill the resulting box with the required product.
Implementing Freebox® in your business guarantees absolute autonomy, allowing you to handle all steps of the process in house: from production of the goods to packaging for shipment.
The system eliminates several process stages associated with high environmental and production costs. It also eliminates the need to order packs of different sizes from sheet plants, dispenses with transit to a printing plant, and transport and storage of erected cartons.