Environmental respect

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Sustainable and responsible technology

  • Reduction of transported volumes thanks to made-to-measure boxes
  • Minimisation of packaging scrap
  • Minor quantities of raw materials
  • Reduction of production steps and associated transport operations
Ecological benefits

The implementation of Freebox® eliminates several environmentally costly steps.

Freebox® makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging process because:

  • Optimises raw material transport volumes because the company makes its boxes on site
  • Optimises packed product transport volumes because the volume of each box matches the volume of its contents exactly, with no wasted space
  • Saving of corrugated cardboard quantity, reducing the energy required for its manufacture and associated pollution emissions
  • Reduces the weight and volume of cardboard used because it creates boxes that are at least 15% stronger (results certified by TÜV with certification number TFR_12_001/2012)