Ease of use

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The only action required is to enter the dimensional parameters of the box and the operator will obtain the required pack automatically.

Automatic benefits

The Freebox® system places the product at the centre of the process, calculating the structure of the pack to be created around it.

Data input can be:

  • manual by means of the Copilot touch-screen interface (System Electronics)
  • by means of the Freedata system, developed by System, which performs visual and dimensional recognition of the product
  • directly from the enterprise resource planning database.

Starting from 1200 x 1200 mm corrugated cardboard sheets, the technology is able to size the box, also for boxes to be filled with multiple items. The boxes are made inside the plant with a minimal amount of scrap thanks to the use of consolidated and patented System technology.

Tele-assistance supported by viewing systems built into the machine

The Freebox® system incorporates 4 cameras capable of monitoring all points of the process.
This allows the operator to perform a real-time check of machine operation and act to solve problems. The images recorded by the cameras are stored for 10 days to retain a log that can be used for any service intervention.
The entire process can be monitored in tele-assistance mode from a remote site.